2012 Annual Report Booklet

Living Our Mission, Living Our Vision

Booklet: presented may 2013


Sister Judith Ann Karam, CSA and the Sisters of Charity Health System are pleased to share with you an update on the state of our health system. This update focuses on how we, as a family of ministries, are living our mission in the context of a very challenging external environment and how we are preparing for our future. The outcomes of our actions hold much promise. This booklet highlights some of the collective accomplishments of the health system and our ministries in the past year. These accomplishments clearly illustrate that our future is vibrant and our ministry is much needed in the communities we serve. With your support and together, as a family of ministries, we have a bold vision to be a beacon of hope devoted to healing and addressing the unmet needs of individuals, families and communities through a network of innovative services.


  • CANTON, OHIO: Early Childhood Resource Center, Mercy Medical Center and the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Canton
  • CLEVELAND, OHIO: Building Healthy Communities, Catholic Community Connection*, Independent Physician Solutions, Joseph’s Home, Light of Hearts Villa*, Regina Health Center, Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland, St. John Medical Center* and St. Vincent Charity Medical Center (*Joint ventures with partners)
  • SOUTH CAROLINA: Healthy Learners, Providence Hospitals, Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina, and the South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families

We are 7,600 faith-filled professionals with one mission to heal and serve all of God’s people.


— 170,180 inpatient days
— 2,200+ credentialed physicians
— 70% inpatient and outpatient satisfaction
— Excellence in heart care
           – 10,900 cardiac catheterizations
           – 1,000 open heart surgeries
           – World-record times for heart attack intervention
           – World’s first angioplasty in an emergency department
           – Two accredited chest pain centers, one of which was the first in the nation
— Excellence in orthopedics
           – 3,500+ inpatient knee, hip, spine and neck procedures
           – Local and national recognition for performing new and innovative orthopedic procedures
           – Pioneer in the use of less invasive surgeries
— Excellence in emergency care
           – 160,000+ emergency department visits
           – World’s first emergency department catheterization lab
— Excellence in educating and training physicians and other professionals
           – Residency programs in internal medicine, podiatry, clinical pastoral
               education and dental medicine, as well as an osteopathic medical education program
           – Schools of radiology, sonography and cardiovascular diagnostics
— Quality recognitions from: U.S. News & World Report; HealthGrades; Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; Thomson Reuters; American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer; Society for Thoracic Surgeons; National Association of Nursing Administration, Long Term Care; Catholic Health Association; American Hospital Association; Becker’s Hospital Review; American Heart Association; Leapfrog Group; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Supportive Care Coalition; American Society of Training & Development; Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina; and Ohio Department of Aging.

— $60.7M in community benefit, including $26M in charity care and $21.5M in unpaid costs of Medicaid
           – Plus $35M in unpaid costs of Medicare and $65M in bad debt
— 290 grants to the communities we serve for a total investment of $6.7M to address root causes of poverty
           Through the three Sisters of Charity Foundations
— 4,963 health services removed barriers to education for 1,758 children
           Through Healthy Learners
— $1M in value to the community in high quality early childhood education support
           Through Early Childhood Resource Center
                      – 424 hours of professional development to 2,800 early childhood educators
                      – 449 parents completed 49 parent education sessions
                      – 289 learning sessions for 5,500+ family participants
— 6 fatherhood programs re-engaged 1,606 fathers in the lives of 3,327 children
— 1,104 health services provided to low-income single fathers
           Through the South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families
— 33 homeless men put on the path to health recovery
           Through Joseph’s Home
— Deaf Access Program expanded through support of national grant
           Through Catholic Community Connection

— Supporting Partnerships to Assure Ready Kids (SPARK) for early learning
           Through the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Canton
                      – Supporting 2,200 children and families since inception
                      – Replicating in counties across Ohio with partnerships of nonprofits, foundations and more
— Promise Neighborhood for support from cradle to college and career
           Through the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland
                      – Attracting more than $43M in new partner investment in
                      Central Neighborhood since inception
— Energy Star for efficiency and environmental protection
           Through Mercy Medical Center
                      – Performing in the top 25% of similar facilities nationwide
— Alternatives to Incarceration for low-income fathers who are behind in child support
           Through the South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families
                      – Saving taxpayers more than $4.3M annually
— Housing First for supportive housing
           Through the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland
                      – Partnering to reduce chronic homelessness in Cuyahoga County by 62% since 2006
— Prescription Assistance Network of Stark County
           Through many partners, including the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Canton
                      – Meeting medication needs of the uninsured and underinsured
— Carolina Academy to support the capacity building needs of nonprofits
           Through the Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina
                      – Engaging 750+ nonprofit leaders from 480 nonprofits
— Health Literacy Initiative to improve health outcomes for those most in need
           Through the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland and St. Vincent Charity Medical Center
                      – Enhancing the health status of Cuyahoga County residents and beyond

— Leadership formation in mission and values
— $24M investment in clinical transformation to electronic health records
— $10M in life-saving equipment and technological advancement
— $95.6M in construction and capital improvements from 2010 to 2012
           – St. John Medical Center: $30.6M
           – Providence Hospitals: $27.5M
           – Mercy Medical Center: $23.1M
           – Sisters of Charity Health System headquarters: $6.9M
           – St. Vincent Charity Medical Center: $6.8M
           – Early Childhood Resource Center: $700K
           — $14M in philanthropic gifts raised by our ministries
— 3 hospital development foundations launched
— 1 brand for 20+ ministries

— 500+ units of supportive housing by the local Housing First Initiative
           Through the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland
                      – Yields a 2% return to homelessness compared to 20-30% with traditional models
— $11M in savings by identifying free or discounted drugs for people in need
           Through many partners, including the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Canton
— 464 fathers gained employment and 895 fathers participated in parenting education programs
           Through the South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families
— $1.1M paid in child support by fatherhood program participants
           Through the South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families
— 110,000 miles traveled to provide access to health care at no charge
           Through Healthy Learners
— 27,000+ patients seen at program to address oral health and dental care needs of poor and underserved
           Through the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Canton and Mercy Medical Center
— 1,025 dental services provided to children in South Carolina
           Through Healthy Learners
— Creation of a medical home in a ZIP code that had none
           Through Mercy Medical Center
— 400+ homeless men guided to health, sustainable income and permanent housing
           Through Joseph’s Home
— $85M leveraged for supportive housing, fatherhood engagement and early education
           Through the three Sisters of Charity Foundations


— Preparing for the future of health care
— Focusing on prevention, care coordination and quality outcomes
— Understanding the unmet needs of the community and responding strategically
— Leveraging resources to create systemic change
— Using best practices and evidence-based models to prevent or address individual or community challenges


Ours is a vibrant and much needed ministry. The Sisters of Charity Health System is committed to continuing our mission as a family of ministries, which will have lasting impact on the communities we serve. Together, we provide the very best care, we address unmet needs, we solve problems creatively, we invest strategically, we deliver on our mission and we do this best by collaborating with each other.
You are the heart and hands of our ministry. We ask each of you to search out how you can recommit to our mission today and always. Together, we light the way to healing for individuals, families and communities.

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