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We are devoted to health and human services rooted in our Catholic faith and values: for over 166 years we have taken risks to continue the healing ministry of Jesus, we are living the mission and we will continue, humbly, until we have done all that we can do to meet the needs of God’s people! Together we are Sisters of Charity Health System with nearly $700 million in assets and 4,000 faith-filled professionals with one mission, to heal and serve all of God’s people.

We are pleased to share a community report of the Sisters of Charity Health System. As a family of ministries devoted to healing individuals, families and communities, we have done all that we can to address unmet needs, create lasting change, provide the very best care and invest strategically in our ministries.

One loving heart sets another on fire” is a St. Augustine quote that guides the Sisters of Charity Health System today. The health system is made up of two Catholic hospitals, three grantmaking foundations, two elder care facilities and six health and human service outreach organizations. These ministries collectively continue and advance the work of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine, a congregation that, since its founding in Cleveland in 1851, continues a faith-based legacy of high-quality, compassionate care for all of God’s people.

Together, we light the way. May God continue to bless our communities and guide us as we continue our faith-based legacy of high-quality, compassionate care in partnership with its co-ministers, who are the heart and hands of the ministry. 


  • 238 Grants to address root causes of poverty
  • 4,950 Health services removing barriers to education for 1,567 children
  • 1,132 Hours of training to 2,026 early educators
  • 1,502 Parents completed 157 parent education sessions
  • 5,500+ Family participants in 289 learning sessions
  • $9.5M Saved by taxpayers in incarceration costs
  • 2,543 participants were served by local fatherhood programs
  • 5,967 children were touched by fatherhood programs
  • 41 homeless men served and 83% achieved medical stability
  • 1,819 men gained employment
  • 87,767 miles traveled to provide access to health care
  • 8,300 children were helped to get ready for school since 2003
  • 105 homeless youth ages 18-24 secured housing during the 100-Day Challenge to end youth homelessness
  • $20M invested in SPARK by all sources since established
  • 1,700 Ohio families are now on track to be served through SPARK


  • 1,000 Credentialed physicians
  • 114,513 Inpatient days
  • 2,633 Cardiac catheterizations
  • 1,163 In total joint replacements
  • 541 Total spine procedures
  • 102,296 Emergency department visits
  • 16% of all Substance Abuse Discharges in Ohio were cared for at SVCMC


  • 4-Star CMS Rating
  • ‘A’ Leapfrog Safety Score
  • Dimensions Award winner for Continuity and Transitions of Care by National Research Corporation (NRC)
  • Aetna Institute of Quality for Bariatric Surgery
  • Blue Distinction for Spine, Hips and Knees
  • Joint Commission Accreditation for Hospital and Behavioral Health, Primary Stroke Center and Chest Pain
  • 2016 Mission: Lifeline® Receiving Center GOLD PLUS Recognition Award
  • Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award with Target: Strokes Honor Roll
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) Blue Distinction® Center for maternity care, hip and knee replacement, and spine surgery
  • Gold–Level Fit-Friendly Worksite by the American Heart Association, as well as the Healthy Ohio Healthy Worksite Gold Award from the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and the Healthy
  • Ohio Business Council
  • Full heart failure reaccreditation status from the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care (SCPC)
  • The American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR) Certified Mercy Cardiac Rehabilitation and Mercy Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • ENERGY STAR for environmental protection


  • World record times for heart attack intervention
  • World’s first Emergency Department Cath Lab
  • World’s first angioplasty in an emergency department
  • Only the second institution in the U.S. to use inter-operative robotics to more precisely repair and restore alignment of the knee joint.
  • First Stark County hospital to earn The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for its total joint replacement program for hips and knees in 2013 and 2015.
  • #1 Internal Addition Medicine and cardiovascular fellowships


  • $47.5M in community benefit through Ohio hospitals, foundations and outreach ministries. Plus $19M in bad debt.
  • Supporting Partnerships to Assure Ready Kids for early learning 
  • Creating a Promise Neighborhood to support kids from cradle to college and career
  • Leading Alternatives to Incarceration for low-income fathers behind in child support
  • Convening the Housing First model, reducing the rate of chronic homelessness by 77%
  • Supporting the Homeless Continuum of Care in Cuyahoga and Stark counties
  • Invested in the Immigrant Families Initiative for enhancing the health, well-being and economic mobility of immigrant, mixed-status and refugee families 
  • Supporting sister-led ministries for lasting community impact
  • Providing thousands of children with access to basic health services at no charge
  • Providing dental care to the underserved, which is Ohio’s number one unmet health care need for children and low-income adults
  • Leading the 100-Day Challenge to end youth homelessness in Cleveland
  • Supporting the development of the collaboration to end human trafficking
  • Serving hundreds of religious and lay elder care residents
  • Carolina Academy for building capacities of nonprofits
  • Creating awareness of the needs of kinship caregivers

Read more in our 2017 community report. 


2012 Report to the Community from the Sisters of Charity Health System

In May 2013, the Sisters of Charity Health System hosted a series of State of the System presentations. Hundreds of board members, leaders, caregivers, employees and friends of the health system and our ministries participated in these events, which were held in Cleveland and Canton, Ohio, and Columbia, South Carolina.

To all of those who joined us for these important sessions, we extended our sincere thanks. For those who were not able to attend in person, we share the following materials highlighting our significant collective impact in the past year, and we invite you to join in celebrating our many accomplishments. We are truly grateful of the commitment of all of you to living the mission of the Sisters of Charity Health System.

Together as a family of ministries, which includes five acute care Catholic hospitals, two elder care facilities, three grantmaking foundations, and six outreach organizations, we achieved so much in 2012.

Learn more about our collective achievements through the following:

Through all of these pieces, there is an important common thread: Together, we are making lasting impact on the communities we serve. We encourage you to share our achievements, our vibrant future and our great commitment to the community. 

As you well know, we have a bold vision to be a beacon of hope devoted to healing and addressing the unmet needs of individuals, families and communities through a network of innovative services. And, we are committed to continuing our mission to extend the healing ministry of Jesus as a family of ministries.

Our collective mission responds to the needs of the people we serve in ways like no one else. We provide the very best care, we address unmet needs, we solve problems creatively, we invest strategically, we deliver on our mission and we do this best by collaborating with each other. Together, we light the way.  Join us. 

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