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Prayer for Peace in National Violence

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Prayer for Peace in National Violence

“God who is beyond politics and nations, Christ who transcends the power of violence, Holy Spirit who animates all people, Be with our country in this moment of violence, division and turmoil. Transform our rage and hate that we might see our brothers and sisters with your eyes. Break our hearts of stone, give us hearts of love and understanding that your peace might prevail. Amen.” – From The Catholic Health Association of the United States

The Sisters of Charity Health System joins the community in praying for peace, and continues to denounce all violence. We pray that we may find common ground together with all Americans. And, we pray that order be restored in our nation’s capital. We remember our values and support the democratic process that was embedded at our founding. May God bless our nation and help us to find a path toward peace and healing of all division.

Sister Judith Ann Karam, CSA, FACHE
Congregational Leader
Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine

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