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Marcos' Journey to Health and Housing Stability at Joseph's Home

"Do I really want to go through this again?"

Sometimes when life gets tough, it’s easy to lose hope or to feel like giving up. This is exactly how Marcos felt when – at the age of 26 – he received the news from his doctor that his cancer had come back. Typically, Marcos tries to keep his head held high. But he wasn’t sure if he was strong enough anymore.

Marcos was no stranger to scary health news. He was diagnosed with HIV at the age of 18. He found out he had Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma for the first time just a few years later. He fought it, recovered, and moved forward with his life. At the time of his second diagnosis he had an apartment and a great job as a home health aide.

The treatment regimen after his second cancer diagnosis was intense. Every three weeks he spent three days in the hospital receiving chemotherapy and fighting extreme nausea and body aches. And in between treatments his schedule was full of doctor appointments.

Between his doctors’ restrictions and the treatment schedule, Marcos was unable to work. That meant he couldn’t pay his bills or rent. One thing led to another and eventually Marcos became homeless. Without a home or a car, keeping up with his medical care felt impossible. Until he was referred to Joseph’s Home.

At Joseph’s Home, Marcos was supported by the staff in every way imaginable. He received basic necessities like shelter and three nutritious meals a day, assistance with managing his medications, help scheduling and arranging transportation to his treatments and doctors’ appointments, and the chance to talk with others who understood the challenges he was facing.

"They keep me strong with good words and motivation. That’ll keep a person going." said Marcos.

With that help and the peace of mind that comes from knowing his basic needs would be met, Marcos was able to fight his cancer into remission and transition back into an apartment of his own

Reflecting on his journey to health at Joseph’s Home Marcos said, "Being here gave me piece of mind and the chance to clear my thoughts."

Philanthropic support from caring friends like you is what makes this kind of healing possible. Gifts to Joseph’s Home help to provide essential food and shelter. And they also provide the intensive support and encouragement that someone like Marcos needs to find housing while dealing with significant health challenges.

To help someone like Marcos on their journey to stable health and housing, click here to make a gift and select Joseph’s Home in the Designation option.