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Employee Donor Honor Roll

2023 Employee Donor Honor Roll

The following employees and their spouses provided philanthropic support to the ministries of the Sisters of Charity Health System in 2023. In addition to the 118 names listed, 9 chose to donate anonymously.

All 8 fundraising ministries benefitted from employee contributions. They are:

Building Healthy Communities
Early Childhood Resource Center
Healthy Learners
Joseph & Mary’s Home
Light of Hearts Villa
Regina Health Center
South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families
St. Vincent Charity Community Health Center

Note that non-deductible transactions such as merchandise or raffle ticket purchases are deeply appreciated but are not considered to be gifts for the purpose of this list.

Every effort has been made to ensure that this list is accurate and complete. If you notice any inaccuracies or omissions, please contact Sr. Director of Philanthropy Services Nathan Munn at 216-875-4634 or


Mark A. Cotleur
Melysa J. Foster
Janice G. Murphy
Aixa M. Rodriguez-Mariani


Charles J. Garven, MD
Robin Stursa


Lawrence Ford
Bethany L. Graham
Scott Hasselman
Shannon Jerse
Angela M. Moses
Theodore V. Parran, Jr, MD
Marian R. Rubin
Amy Splittgerber
Matthew F. Wade


Alice S. Balentine
Marcia Brevard Wynn, PhD
Breanne P. Cavileer, LNHA, CDP
Donna M. Collins
Danielle Curry-Bentley
Kiki L. Ealey
Karriem S. Edwards
Nathanael P. Munn
Joel D. Philp
Marisa Rohn
Marlene Shivak
Donna C. Waites


Mary Brady
Dena F. Campbell
Miguel F. Chavez
Patricia A. Conklin
Colleen Corrigan Day
Michael D. Dzion
Sister Sandy Emrich, SCN
Mary Freeman
Erin Gay Miyoshi
Joyce Haynes
Eve Holztrager
Natalie Kennedy
Sister Regina Kusnir, SC
Christian Markle
Deborah R. Miller
Laureen Moorer
Delia Newell
Kieran Patton
Mackenzie Phelps
Robin L. Polack
John A. Rusnaczyk, Jr
Elizabeth Schilling
Andrew J. Schrader
Heather A. Stoll
Mary Takacs
Sharon D. Thomas
Donna J. West
Kathleen K. Wilbur
Amy M. Wise
Mark C. Yantek


Donna Allen
Nichole Allen-Banks
Jenifer L. Arbogast
Nancy M. Arcipowski
Joanne Bamberg-Jackson
Judith A. Barnes
Peggy E. Barton
James Begin
Haley J. Belcher
Danielle C. Bunner
Mary E. Bush
Jai-Ana J. Carter
Karen Champa
Louis Champa
Stacy M. Channell
Jalen A. Conyers
Barbara J. Craighead
Kara C. Cumalander
LeTosha S. Dawson
Corriene Dippel
Raymond Dorman
Brandon T. East
Christina M. Eller
Sister Miriam Erb, CSA
Robert Evans
Cynthia M. Gansmiller
Suzanne J. Gaughan
Lori E. Grosse
Anna T. Hartzell
Sondra A. Haye
Kimberly L. House
Amy Huntley
Jill Kazalac
Janet C. Kidney
Carolyn Klein
Hope C. Litvin
Michael Macy
Matthew P. Markiewitz
Carmen G. Massaro
Annie Messer
Chris Mis
Lisa A. Morabito
Kimberly Morgan
Kim M. Mullen
Gary Plauger
Vicky Putt
Gerda E. Reinhard
Gwendolyn Ritter-Walker
Maryella J. Rohwer
Laura Salvaggio
Christopher Sanders
Jennifer L. Scott
Benjamin D. Silver
Maria J. Spencer
Danielle Triplett
Taylor Weaver
Edward M. Wensing, Jr
Shannon M. Williams
Callie C. Witt
Cynthia E. Yohman
Anita M. Zaccaro