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Our Donors

Caring and generous donors play an essential role in the healing mission of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine. We offer these stories and remarks from a few of them who wanted to share why they chose to give.

A Lifetime of Charity Extends to a Legacy of Care

A Lifetime of Charity Extends to a Legacy of Care

"In All Things Charity." Beginning more than 50 years ago at the start of her nursing career at St. John Hospital and extending to today as a CSA Associate, Margaret Ann Jablonski has been inspired by this founding principle of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine (CSA) and their dedication to addressing the needs of the community.

In thinking about how she can continue to live out “In All Things Charity” in her own life, Margaret Ann decided to designate the Sister Joan Gallagher Endowment Fund at Joseph’s Home as the beneficiary of her annuity. This generous gift allows her to receive income from her savings during her lifetime and provides reliable funding for the care of medically fragile individuals at Joseph’s Home for years to come.

“I realized that the endowment fund was not only honoring Sr. Joan, but also honors all the CSA sisters and those who have worked in their ministries over the years. I felt called by the Holy Spirit to support this Endowment.” — Margaret Ann

Special Connection in Mass Sparks Uncommon Generosity

Special Connection in Mass Sparks Uncommon Generosity

Phyllis Barone had never heard of and had no connection with Light of Hearts Villa (LOHV). But when a friend suggested she attend Saturday Mass in the LOHV chapel, she immediate sensed something special.

“I went the very next Saturday with my friend and I felt such a difference. An overwhelming feeling of closeness and feeling a part of a group, it was a family feeling that I couldn’t ignore and I haven’t stopped loving it since,” said Phyllis.

Phyllis’ involvement with LOHV soon grew beyond attending weekly Mass. She makes homemade wreaths and decorations for the chapel and resident doors. She also regularly contributes food items to the Seton Safety Net Food Pantry and makes beautiful baskets for the annual silent auction which raises funds for the Sister Helen Scasny Benevolent Fund.

In 2020 Phyllis realized she wanted her estate plan and portfolio to reflect her connection to LOHV. She directed her attorney to add a few sentences to her will creating a bequest to LOHV. Shortly thereafter she also established a charitable gift annuity, a gift vehicle which provides her with lifelong income.

Phyllis has already been an incredible blessing to the residents of LOHV. Through her remarkable and thoughtful generosity that blessing will multiply and continue for years to come.

Former “Charity Case” Funds Care for Others in Need

Gary Storch freely admits that he would not be alive today if it wasn’t for Rosary Hall at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center. At the age of 18 he was so hopelessly addicted to alcohol that he couldn’t hold a job.

“I thought alcohol was what I needed to feel better. I needed help to stop,” said Gary.

Thankfully he did seek treatment and was accepted at Rosary Hall despite his inability to pay. He completed the program, participated in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and joined the US Army. Although his recover wavered when an injury led to self-medication, he resumed his AA participation and returned to his faith.

In 1992 he got married. He and wife Patty live in Las Vegas for more than 20 years. Unfortunately, Patty passed away in 2013 from complications of diabetes. Gary eventually retired from the Army with a service-connected disability.

In 2017 Gary wrote a book about AA and chose to donate $2,000 from the proceeds to Rosary Hall. But he soon realized he wanted to do more. Gary began considering a bequest in his will to help care for uninsured and under-insured patients who don’t have the resources to pay for treatment.

Almost as soon as he had that idea, he asked himself, “Why wait until I die?” So within a few days he presented a check for $50,000 to establish the Gary and Patty Storch Endowment at Rosary Hall. The investment income of this fund will provide treatment for patients who, like Gary at age 18, cannot afford the care they need to recover from addiction.

Gary’s generous gift leaves a permanent legacy which will have a tremendous impact on Rosary Hall patients for many years to come.

Ice Cream For Everyone In Loving Memory of Sister Elaine Eggert

Ice Cream For Everyone In Loving Memory of Sister Elaine Eggert

Sister Elaine Eggert, OP, had many fans from her days of teaching in various Cleveland and Akron Catholic schools. Regina Health Center (RHC) donor Joseph Spagnuolo was one of her biggest fans, keeping in touch with his beloved teacher throughout the years.

When Sr. Elaine moved to RHC, one of her favorite activities was to attend resident socials, especially the ice cream socials. When Joe learned about RHC’s resident socials, he began making annual gifts to help support the costs. He visited Sr. Elaine frequently and took her out for ice cream whenever possible. For her birthdays, Joe would bring in a large birthday cake for the residents to enjoy. When Sr. Elaine passed away, he approached RHC’s Mission Support and Donor Relations department to discuss what he could do in her memory. After some discussion, Joe established the Sr. Elaine Eggert, OP, Resident Socials Endowment Fund at RHC.

“The fund is in appreciation to all religious for their efforts,” said Joe. Income from the endowment fund helps offset the cost of socials. This enables the activities staff to be more creative in their planning and to increase the frequency of socials. Years after Sr. Elaine’s death, residents at RHC continue to enjoy ice cream socials, wine and cheese socials, hot chocolate socials, polka parties, and several holiday parties in Sr. Elaine’s memory.

Healthy Learners removes children’s health barriers to learning with love and compassion

Healthy Learners removes children’s health barriers to learning with love and compassion

“No one can doubt the importance of helping children in South Carolina get the right start — for their health and their education. BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina is proud to support Healthy Learners and its efforts to do both: provide basic medical services for uninsured children that will also help them be better learners at school.”

- David Pankau, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, President and CEO