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Healthy Learners releases 2022 annual report, highlighting a year of serving more children across South Carolina

Healthy Learners releases 2022 annual report, highlighting a year of serving more children across South Carolina

Last year, Healthy Learners provided 12,629 services and 20,148 health screenings to children across South Carolina, traveling 86,216 miles to enable students to receive those screenings and services. The Healthy Learners 2022 Annual Report highlights these figures and provides updates on each service area and how they continue to serve more than 200 schools to ensure healthy children, better students and thriving communities.

"Going further for Children only happens together – together with our families, students, donors, volunteers, advocates, health care providers, school nurses and principals, district superintendents, community shakers, and every person who is passionate about transforming the future for one more child in need in our neighborhoods," said Executive Director Amy Splittgerber in her letter that appears in the annual report. "Together, we can show the world what a community looks like where every child, no matter their socio-economic status, has the opportunity to soar in their learning and life, healthy and thriving."

Read the full report here.

Below is text from the annual report that highlights the impact Healthy Learners had in 2022 and how it expanded services to two new counties.

Proactive Impact

2022 was a monumental year for Healthy Learners. By fully implementing our proactive approach of service delivery, we were able to screen more than 20,000 students statewide for health barriers to learning, resulting in a 25% increase of unique children served and 42% increase in number of services provided! 

Reaching the Underserved
Through outreach and health screening, Healthy Learners uncovered an incredible developing need – emergency dental and vision care for uninsured Hispanic children. In an effort to serve this vulnerable population, Healthy Learners has developed an intentional model of care. We distribute Spanish marketing materials, employ Spanish-speaking care coordinators, and fund children’s emergency medical needs. Healthy Learners served 445 uninsured Hispanic children statewide, spending $182,340 for their medical fees in 2022.

Answering the Call
In the fall of 2022, Healthy Learners answered the call to expand its services to Williamsburg and Newberry Counties. Through extensive demographic research and mapping of healthcare resources, we found these counties to mirror the needs and challenges Healthy Learners has sought to resolve in similar sized communities. Through newly forged partnerships, Healthy Learners has a goal of tripling our impact in these new counties in 2023.

Healthy Learners is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System.


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