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Ask Congress to Include Ministry Priorities in Reconciliation Bill

Ask Congress to Include Ministry Priorities in Reconciliation Bill

Provisions would expand access to affordable health care, address health equity, shore-up the health care workforce and improve and enhance the social safety net in the budget reconciliation package

The Sisters of Charity Health System joins the Catholic Health Association in urging Congress to include important provisions to expand health coverage and provide resources for safety net programs in the reconciliation package currently being drafted in the House.

Please ask your members of Congress to make sure these important measures are included in a final legislative package.

House committees continued their mark ups this week of provisions to be included in a final budget reconciliation package as the Senate also began to map out strategies for considering the legislation next. The various committees approved legislation that among other areas include:

  • Health care provisions to expand premium tax credits for health insurance under the ACA and measures to extend Medicaid coverage to the uninsured in non-expansion states as well as expand maternal health options
  • An expansion of benefits for Medicare beneficiaries
  • Provisions to bolster housing assistance and child care programs
  • Legislation that would provide legalization with a pathway to citizenship for millions of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders as well as undocumented agricultural and other essential workers.

Some minor tweaks may be made as the House Budget Committee assembles the various bills into a single piece of legislation for a floor vote before the end of the month.

In the Senate, Democratic leadership is signaling their intention to work with the bill as approved by the House rather than go through the usual committee process in that chamber. Still unclear, however, is whether House and Senate Democrats can hold their members together to support the bill as it goes to the floor, with very little room to maneuver in the House and the necessity of all Democratic senators supporting the bill for it to pass there without any Republican support.

Congress has a historic opportunity now to enact policies critical to rebuilding communities still struggling with the effects of the pandemic and supporting those most affected including the elderly, families and children and low-income, minority and rural populations.

We continue to urge Congress to include all of the ministry's priorities in a final reconciliation bill. If you haven't already done so, please contact your members of Congress now and ask them to include these priorities in the final package. A sample letter (email) for your advocacy outreach is available on e-Advocacy.

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