June 24, 2020

Sisters of Charity Foundation of Canton awards more than $1 million in grants

During the first and second quarters of 2020, the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Canton awarded $1,062,289 in grants, including significant emergency funding to address pandemic-related challenges.

Faced with unprecedented need, the foundation collaborated closely with local funders to shore up organizations on the front lines of the pandemic, including organizations serving the homeless population, those providing food and emergency assistance, and pandemic child care providers.

Foundation President Joni Close stated, “The first quarter grants were awarded through the foundation’s traditional grantmaking process, focusing on areas of interest related to our mission and goals. In mid-March, however, the world changed. From then on, grants were awarded through a community collaboration of more than a dozen foundations and donors working together in response to the pandemic. We are proud of the quick response from our community partners. The diversity of the organizations serving our community is impressive. And most importantly, we recognize, support, and honor all of the first responders and community organizations making a difference on the front lines.”

The grants cover four overarching areas:

  • Foundation-Led Initiatives: efforts to develop and hone programs focused on systemic change. Total: $365,000
  • Responsive Efforts: commitment to respond to specific or short-term community needs. Total: $121,000
  • Funding in partnership with the COVID19 community collaborative. Total: $564,789
  • Additional COVID grants provided through president’s discretionary grants. Total: $11,500

For a complete list of grant recipients, click here.

The Sisters of Charity Foundation of Canton is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System.

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