April 4, 2019

Joseph's Home resident featured in Catholic Health Association Medicaid makes it possible campaign

Medicaid makes it possible for Americans to get access to health care in times of need—and the Catholic Health Association of the United States (CHA) is committed to ensuring the Medicaid program remains a viable, efficient and effective program. To help do so, the CHA is running a “Medicaid makes it possible” campaign to highlight the stories of the working families, children and the elderly who turn to Medicaid to care for themselves or loved ones. Randall, a Joseph's Home resident, is one of the campaign’s most recent featured stories. His story is below or available by clicking here.

Medicaid Makes it Possible: Randall

Randall is a 52-year old man who has always viewed life as an adventure. He loves to travel and spend time with strangers, getting to know them and experiencing the world around him. He has lived on houseboats during the summer, working odd jobs in exchange for residence on the houseboats and working through a temp agency to meet his financial needs. He has always dreamed of living on a cruise ship and traveling the world. But, cancer had other plans for him.

He blacked out on the side of the road while walking to the store for food. He was found by a passersby and taken to the hospital, where it was discovered he was malnourished and had cancer. He underwent rigorous chemotherapy treatment that left his immune system severely compromised, which led to spending 25 days in the hospital. Not able to work, he lost his job and his only source of money for rent, becoming homeless not long after—and facing $250,000 of hospital bills and no health insurance to help cover the costs.

Thankfully, Joseph’s Home in Cleveland, Ohio, has been there for Randall as a place to call home while receiving medical respite care so he could heal and achieve independence. And, Medicaid will cover his chemotherapy treatment and hospital stay. Without Medicaid, Randall could not afford to pay for his past treatment or any future treatments. Joseph’s Home has given Randall a place to safely rest and recover, and keep up with medical appointments. Having Medicaid has helped ease his mind about how he will support himself and pay his medical bills going forward. He has also successfully applied for disability, which will help him stabilize his needs as he continues on in his journey.

Joseph's Home is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System.

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