August 24, 2018

Early Childhood Resource Center impact report showcases work done throughout six-county service area

The Early Childhood Resource Center (ECRC) has released its impact report for fiscal year 2018. The report features the impacts the ECRC made between July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018. The report shows the multifaceted, highly collaborative and widely productive work the center is now doing throughout its six-county service area.

The report showcases multiple stories that demonstrate the impact the ECRC is having by providing examples of the programs the ECRC offers. One of those examples appears below. Read the full impact report here.

Parent Engagement—Shaun Brown: Positive Parenting

Shaun says, “A few aspects of my life shaped me to have the attitude that I didn’t matter.” These included his arrest, the loss of a college track scholarship, and the death of his best friend.

“I got down on myself, my outlook on life. This 24/7 Dad class brought me back.” The class helped him realize he needed to make a better life for himself and his four young children.

He claims the class “is the reason why my life is going in a whole new direction. This class has brought me where I used to be. The conversations we had brought me out of my funk. I have a different approach to my kids now, with more understanding of what they want and working on their perception of me.”

24/7 Dad is one of a number of Early Childhood Resource Center classes that teach parents how to understand child development, how to be role models for their children, and how to use positive parenting techniques to strengthen family bonds.

24/7 Dad taught Shaun about the importance of communication. He now communicates constantly with his children. He also has regular conversations with their mothers—with none of the emotional spikes that used to be common.

One thing that’s helped is coming to understand that people react differently to life events. While he may not always see eye to eye with his co-parents, he now knows how to respect their perspectives. And because he understands that his children are always watching, he’s learned never to disrespect their moms. He’s learned to become an engaged father.

As he says it, “I realize the better I raise them, the better they will raise their children.”

A ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System, the Early Childhood Resource Center is a child care resource and referral agency serving Mahoning, Medina, Portage, Stark, Summit and Trumbull counties. The Early Childhood Resource Center works to promote the healthy development of young children by: strengthening families, improving the quality of early learning experiences, increasing school and community readiness, and informing public policy.

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