June 14, 2018

Regarding the ICE raid in Northern Ohio: Tell Congress to address immigration reform

On June 5, raids occurred at Corso's Flower and Garden Center in Sandusky and Castalia, Ohio, in Erie County. This area is a part of the Diocese of Toledo, the neighbor to the Diocese of Cleveland. One hundred fourteen of the migrants who worked at this facility were arrested and are being detained. Many of those who are now in the detention facilities have children and are members of parish communities.

Please let your legislators know that the actions of ICE were inhumane and that there are more compassionate ways to respond, including comprehensive immigration reform.

The Catholic Church consistently stands for family unity, which is the cornerstone of American Immigration and foundational element of Catholic teaching. Bishop Nelson Perez recently issued a statement, emphasizing that “This latest event in Erie County again makes clear that our current immigration system contributes to the human suffering of migrants and the separation of families. The bishops of the Catholic Church have a duty to point out the moral consequences of a broken system. The Church is advocating for comprehensive and compassionate reform of our immigration system so that persons are able to obtain legal status in our country and enter the United States legally to work and support their families.”

The Diocese of Cleveland and Catholic Charities are in contact with the Diocese of Toledo and have offered to help in the most appropriate way. Migration and Refugee Services of the Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland will be going to the Youngstown detention center to screen detainees and work to formulate a response. They are coordinating with Advocates for Basic Equality and the International Institute of Akron.  

The Sisters of Charity Health system stands with the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland in asking you to contact your legislators about comprehensive immigration reform.

Other ways to help more directly:

  • Make a monetary donation to the Migration and Refugee Services of the Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland to assist with legal expenses.
  • Pray for the families impacted by this tragedy, those assisting them, the lawyers and for our legislators to address immigration reform.

A sample letter is available here for you to send to your legislators to let them know that we will continue to pray for these people, their children, for the lawyers and those assisting them—and ask them to address immigration reform and remember the words of Jesus as he calls upon us to “welcome the stranger,” for “what you do to the least of my brethren, you do unto me.” (Mt: 25-35, 40)

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