April 10, 2017

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center launches campaign to expand Rosary Hall

With more than 600 heroin, cocaine and fentanyl deaths in 2016, and a projected 850 deaths in 2017, Cuyahoga County is in a public health crisis. 

In the fight against addition, St. Vincent Charity Medical Center is a dedicated community partner. The hospital’s experienced team at Rosary Hall, which provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment, been developing their approach and restoring patients to recovery for more than 65 years. 

The hospital recently launched a campaign to expand this work.

Rosary Hall has been at the forward edge of the fight against addiction since 1952, when founder Sister Ignatia Gavin CSA began focused on the preeminently abused substance of the day: alcohol. 

Today, addiction has morphed into a more sophisticated foe. While alcohol, cocaine and other drugs continue to destroy lives, it’s the opioid and heroin epidemic that’s taking lives in record numbers from families, neighborhoods and communities. Since 1985, Ted Parran Jr. MD, associate medical director of Rosary Hall, has treated about 40,000 people with opioid addiction and approximately another 110,000 for alcoholism. His passion and expertise demonstrate why we need more caregivers like him at an expanded Rosary Hall.

With an expanded treatment capability at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center, and through the efforts of partners across our community, together we can help bring an end to this epidemic. Learn more at http://www.endourepidemic.com

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