August 29, 2016

Healthy Learners receives $50,000 grant

The Healthy Learners Greenwood program has received a grant for $50,000 from Self Regional Healthcare’s Community Health Committee.

For 11 years, Healthy Learners Greenwood has increased access to health care services for children who are in need and without resources in upstate South Carolina. The organization addresses a fundamental need in the community to improve early access and appropriate use of non-emergency health care services by providing the necessary resource for children and families.

Healthy Learners addresses identified unmet health needs of school children through coordination of care with the school nurse, parent and local provider partners to assure the health need is met. Healthy Learners also provides transportation for children that face transportation as a barrier to receiving health care. Costs for eligible health care services, transportation and follow-up are paid for by Healthy Learners.“This program is beneficial to our community because it provides transportation to medical appointments for children who usually are not able to find a ride elsewhere,” said Dr. David Isenhower, chief medical informatics officer at Self Regional Healthcare. “Children need health and dental care and Healthy Learners is really doing a wonderful job of helping children in our community receive that care.”

Healthy Learners is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System.

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