May 27, 2016

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center releases 2015 community benefit report

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center recently released its 2015 community benefit report, Providing Care Beyond Medicine. The report illustrates the $13.6 million in community benefit St. Vincent Charity provided in 2014 and some of the stories behind the work.

The hospital defines community benefit as programs or activities that provide treatment or promote health and healing in response to community needs. For 150 years, St. Vincent Charity Medical Center has demonstrated its commitment to the Cleveland community by investing significant resources in programs and services that meet four community benefit objectives:

  • Improve access to health care
  • Enhance the health of the community
  • Advance medical and health care knowledge
  • Lessen the burden on government and other community efforts

Of the $13.6 million St. Vincent Charity provided in 2014, $13 million went to cover the unpaid costs of Medicaid. That number represents the difference between what Medicaid pays and what the care actually costs. The remainder went toward providing community health services, health professional education and community building activities. The community benefit report highlights patient stories that represent the hospital’s dedication to teaching; community building; care in the community; and care for the vulnerable.

Download a copy of Providing Care Beyond Medicine or to request a hard copy, email

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System.


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