February 12, 2016

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center podiatry residents ride along with Cleveland EMS

A group of St. Vincent Charity Medical Center podiatry residents gained a new perspective on patient care when they participated in a ride-along for five shifts with the Cleveland Emergency Medical Service (EMS). Experiencing life as first responders to medical emergencies in all areas of Cleveland offered residents the opportunity to experience the hard work put in by members of the entire medical community. During the five shifts, residents experienced emergencies in residential neighborhoods, with the homeless, in apartments and even transitional housing. Some calls needed the accompaniment of Cleveland Fire Fighters and/or Cleveland Police.

“There were both serious and less serious emergencies, but nonetheless I am in awe of the sheer bravery of the first responders,” said Erin Younce, podiatry resident. “It’s certainly a job that’s reserved for extraordinary people. I’m accustomed to a position where the patients come to me, not vice versa. I now have an entirely new perspective.”

Podiatry resident Joshua Fisher said it was interesting to see where some of the patients were coming from. He added, “It allows you to realize what some patients are going back to once they leave the walls of St. Vincent Charity. We really are fortunate to have the opportunity to make our patient’s lives a little better in some way or fashion and, for me, that’s what drives me through my day.”

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System.

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