March 6, 2016

Prayer for today - a reflection for the fourth week of Lent

“I saw water flowing.” -Ezekiel 47:1. The prophet Ezekiel experiences a vision of life-giving water flowing from the temple. With God leading, Ezekiel wades into the flowing water, and the water gets deep enough to swim in yet cannot be passed through. From the bank of the river he sees how the water from God makes all life flourish. In Ezekiel’s vision, flowing water becomes a metaphor for life. [More]
February 28, 2016

Prayer for today – a reflection for the third week of Lent

“How often must I forgive?” Mt 18:21. At the heart of Jesus’s teaching and ministry there is forgiveness. For people who are involved in continuing Jesus’s ministry, forgiveness is essential. [More]
February 21, 2016

Prayer for today – a reflection for the second week of Lent

“This man welcomes sinners.” Luke 15:2 - The scribes and Pharisees intend this statement to be a condemnation of Jesus. Their sensibilities and theology are scandalized that Jesus is speaking to sinners and tax collectors. They believe that God punishes sinners. Jesus demonstrates an alternative way of seeing and responding to sinners. He welcomes them as an alternative to blaming, judging or punishing them. [More]
February 11, 2016

Prayer for 2016 World Day of the Sick

Today is the 2016 World Day of the Sick. The prayer for this special occasion comes from the Catholic Health Association of the United States. [More]
February 10, 2016

Prayer for today – a reflection on Ash Wednesday and the first week of Lent

“Return to me with your whole heart; … rend your hearts, not your garments.” Joel 2: 12-13. The words of the prophet Joel eloquently summarize the goal and the process of life—whole-hearted living that returns me to God. It may be painful, but a true change of the heart moves me closer to God and connects me with others. The encounter with God opens me to a deeper sense of humility and gratitude. [More]
January 12, 2016

$1 million allocated by State of Ohio to expand SPARK kindergarten readiness program

The Early Childhood Resource Center in Canton, Ohio, today announced that the SPARK kindergarten readiness program will receive $1 million in state funding over two years. Funds will go through the Early Childhood Resource Center, which handles SPARK management and operations. [More]
January 11, 2016

Health Insurance Marketplace 2016 open enrollment ends January 31

The Sisters of Charity Health System believes families and communities are stronger when everyone has access to quality, affordable health care. In support for the communities we serve, we work to share changes and opportunities to enroll in health insurance - and we want you to know that the last chance to enroll for health insurance in 2016 through the Health Insurance Marketplace is January 31. [More]
January 6, 2016

Dr. Giesele Robinson Greene appointed as a co-chair of NEOMED-CSU Partnership for Urban Health's Community Advisory Board

Dr. Giesele Robinson Greene, senior vice president and chief medical officer of the health system, has been appointed a co-chair of the NEOMED-CSU Urban Primary Care Initiative Community Advisory Board. [More]
January 1, 2016

Reflection for the Hear Us, Heal Us! prayer campaign

On behalf of the Catholic Health Association (CHA), we are pleased to share the following reflection to begin the New Year and kick off the CHA's new prayer campaign, Hear Us, Heal Us! This ministry-wide campaign leads up to World Day of the Sick on Feb. 11. [More]
December 25, 2015

A reflection for Christmas

On behalf of the Catholic Health Association, we are pleased to share the following reflection for Christmas. [More]

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