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Our Services

If you or a loved one is experiencing a behavioral health crisis, help is available. We know how difficult it can be for those struggling with mental health, substance use, trauma or other challenges that affect mental health. The St. Vincent Charity Health Campus Crisis & Recovery program provides access to resources in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County to help cope in times of crisis, as well as services that support long-term recovery.

FOR CLIENTS: Care Where You Are

We engage you in your natural settings as often as possible. Visits can be community-based, on-site and virtual in nature.

Crisis Care

In times of crisis, we focus on outreach, prevention and management efforts. Our licensed professionals, peers and specially trained staff provide follow-along support and access to treatment for people when they are struggling and need help. Our primary aim is to help people successfully link to life-saving care.

Recovery Support

Our recovery services professionals offer ongoing support to those experiencing serious and persistent mental illness, co-occurring addictions and/or trauma. Our recovery support team helps those who are at risk of re-hospitalization or require more treatment than a traditional outpatient clinic can offer.

Call Today

Individuals can call 216-363-7000 for Crisis & Recovery Services.

Or for more information, send us an email.


Key supports and services

All services are aimed at helping people bridge to outpatient settings and provide the requisite skills needed to realize personal goals.

The key supports and services offered are:

  • Screening and assessment of need
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Peer support
  • Case management and care coordination, including linkage to primary care
  • Open door or drop-in availability for those unsure of their needs

When to Call or Make a Referral

Here are several referral criteria. In general, a referral is appropriate if an individual:

  1. Is or has recently been in crisis, hospitalized or seen in an emergency setting.
  2. Has trouble functioning and has a serious mental illness.
  3. Is able to receive services as an outpatient and does not need a higher level of care.
  4. Has a need and would like to be linked to care.
  5. Has the ability and willingness to develop a relationship and recovery goals.
  6. Can enhance their mental health and addiction recovery goals through our services and programming.

Referrals may be made by any clinician within the continuum of care, and individuals or their loved ones may self-refer to the program. Please let us know of any barriers to services (transportation, reasonable accommodations) at the time of the referral. If you have referral questions or to help determine if a referral is appropriate, please contact us to further discuss.

How to Refer

Interested providers or individuals themselves can call 216-363-7000 for Crisis & Recovery Services.

Or for more information, send us an email.


Crisis & Recovery Services program office
First floor, St. Vincent Charity Community Health Center 
2351 East 22 Street
Cleveland, OH 44115

Crisis & Recovery Services administrative office
Fifth floor, Sisters of Charity Health System building
2475 East 22nd Street
Cleveland, OH 44115