December 31, 2018

Healthy Insights from Healthy Learners: Making a difference in children’s lives

Healthy Learners provides thousands of vision, dental, medication and other health-related services to students across South Carolina on its mission for healthy children, better students and thriving communities. The latest issue of the Healthy Insights from Healthy Learners newsletter shares the stories of students who Healthy Learners has helped remove their health barriers to learning, as well as news, program updates and more. The full text of one of the students’ stories is below.

A Trip to the Dentist and a Vision Exam Change a Student’s Life 

High school student Kevin* was suffering from toothaches. His family did not have dental insurance, so the school nurse referred him to Healthy Learners. Healthy Learners scheduled an emergency dental appointment, which revealed that he needed 11 fillings and two tooth extractions. Healthy Learners also helped Kevin’s dad apply for Medicaid. After obtaining Medicaid, all of Kevin’s dental needs were addressed.

During a health and wellness visit with his local health care provider, Kevin failed a vision screening, so he was again referred to Healthy Learners by his school nurse. This time, Healthy Learners scheduled an appointment with a local vision care provider and transported him as well, where he received a pair of glasses. Kevin recently went for his annual six-month dental check-up and is cavity free. 

Kevin’s dad and school nurse report that his self-esteem has improved greatly and he smiles more after receiving proper dental care. According to Kevin, he has even more reason to smile as his grades have improved dramatically thanks to his new glasses.

*His name has been changed

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