November 7, 2017

Regina Health Center staff discuss what it means to carry out the ministry’s mission

Regina Health Center (RHC) has the fortune of employing a staff of dedicated and caring individuals, who carry out the ministry’s mission each day. A few of them discussed what it means to work for the RHC mission in the recent issue of The Heart of Regina Health Center newsletter. The full text of the article appears below. Read the complete newsletter for news, upcoming events and more. Regina Health Center is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System.

What it Means to Work for the Mission of Regina Health Center

Sharon Bournigal, admissions coordinator
Sharon is usually the first face that interested residents and family members will meet, either in person or by phone. She has been in her position for two years and understands the challenges that individuals and their families experience when making the decision to move to a long-term health care facility. She has the opportunity to meet with most new residents and said that’s what she enjoys the most. “They talk about their thoughts and feelings about leaving home and I do what I can to set them at ease. Sharon comments that when she tours prospective residents and family members through the facility, several residents stop us and let them know, ‘This is the best place to be if you need to come to a health care facility.’ It helps families to relax and know they are making the right choice. Families are happy and grateful that they found Regina Health Center for their loved one. It is a pleasure to accept the residents into our wonderful environment.”

Janet Cinadr, director of nursing
Janet came to Regina Health Center in 2001. She said she enjoys her interactions with residents and staff, and having the ability to make a positive difference in the quality of life for residents. “That is what continues to motivate me. Over my 40-year career, this is the most outstanding nursing staff with which I’ve ever been associated.” Janet recalled a phone call she recently received from a daughter of a resident who was only with RHC for four days before she passed away at the age of 102. The daughter told Janet that she was going to provide a lunch for the staff who gave such great care. The daughter told Janet, “She was in the right place. I am so glad I found Regina.” Janet added that each nursing unit has a bulletin board with numerous thank you cards from residents and their family and friends about the exceptional care provided. Janet said, “We serve residents who come for short-term rehab and others who have made Regina Health Center their home for many years. Trying to meet everyone's expectations can be a challenge at times, but the warm smiles and grateful words from residents and family members are what make it so meaningful.”

Shawn Mickle, director of social services
Shawn has been with RHC for 15 years. “I like being able to help our residents and families during what is usually a very challenging time in their lives. Working at RHC with our dedicated team is unlike anywhere I’ve ever worked; everyone works very well together. We are given the freedom and support to assist with whatever is needed, in conventional ways and sometimes in unconventional ways. I have the privilege of working with them in a myriad of ways: with financial, emotional, spiritual and physical needs. It’s an honor to serve the religious, clergy and lay residents of our facility who have spent so much of their lives helping others. Regina is such a uniquely spiritual place. There have been more times than I can count where God’s providence is so present, where residents and families seem to be exactly where they need to be and receiving exactly the gifts from God that they need in that moment. I often talk with our new residents about adjusting to life here and they frequently share that they never wanted to live at a care facility. However, after living here they state that they feel God has led them here for a specific reason and they feel very close to God here. Being able to be a part of that experience with our residents is very moving. In these moments it’s very apparent to me that our work is a calling from God and not just a job. We’re doing what God put us here to do.”

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