March 30, 2017

Prayer for Today - a blessing for physicians on National Doctor's Day

The role of the physician in the life of a community is an ancient one. For as long as there has been illness and disease among humans, there have been those moved to compassion at the suffering of their neighbors - those who have desired to ease the pain and cure the sick. Today, on National Doctor's Day, we give thanks for those women and men who have found their greatest joy in service to one of the world's deepest hungers: the hunger for healing and wellness.

To help you reflect upon and celebrate the vocation of the physician personally and as an organization, we are pleased to share this blessing from the Catholic Health Association of the United States.

A Blessing for Physicians

May you always heal and be healed.
May those who come to you find in you
One who cares deeply
Whose knowledge includes knowledge
Of the spirit’s movements.

May you take pride in your gifts and use them humbly.
May the suffering and the vulnerable
Be your teachers.
May you see in others the goodness
Of a tender God.

May compassion encircle you
Carry you
Strengthen you
And give you insight.

May your presence be hope
To those in pain
May your skill ease the way
And instill trust.

May you know the Healer of all
May your own heart be held
In the compassion and tenderness
Of God.



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