February 16, 2017

Prayer for Today - 2017 month of prayer

Join the Catholic Health Association of the United States in making February a month of prayer for those who are sick and their caregivers with a new prayer each day. On Feb. 11, the prayer commemorated World Day of the Sick. From Feb. 12-28, prayers are being shared for the caregivers and leaders who answer God's call to foster healing, act with compassion and promote wellness for all. Today's prayer is below.

Concern for Those Who Suffer

Lord, God of All Compassion, hear our prayer and help us to live day by day with active concern, like that of the Good Samaritan, for those suffering in body and spirit whom we are called to serve, whether or not we know them and however poor they may be.
Grant your healing grace to all who are sick, injured or disabled, that they may be made whole.
Grant to all who through illness are lonely, anxious or despondent, an awareness of your loving presence.
Restore those who are in mental distress to soundness of mind and serenity of spirit.
Through your name we pray. Amen.

About Us

From its Cleveland headquarters, the Sisters of Charity Health System provides oversight, leadership and strategic direction to more than 20 organizations responding to community needs in Canton and Cleveland, Ohio, and South Carolina.

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