July 8, 2016

Joseph’s Home new partnership works to quickly find housing for homeless men

Joseph's Home recently partnered with Emerald Development and Economic Network, Inc. (EDEN), a contract agency of the Alcohol Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board of Cuyahoga County, to strengthen the help residents receive to find housing once they leave Joseph's Home. EDEN provides, operates and advocates for safe, decent, affordable housing and support services for persons living with disabilities or special needs who have low incomes and may be experiencing homelessness.

"Our role is to locate housing for individuals and families on our housing programs and we were asked to expand that role to include Joseph's Home residents," said Jennifer Pfleiderer, director of housing programs, EDEN. "We've already worked with a few men at Joseph's Home. They all had different needs and resources and we were able to find housing opportunities tailored to their situations."

EDEN's connections with landlords in the community and knowledge of various housing options in the county allow the agency to find the most appropriate housing for Joseph's Home residents so they can move on with a stable housing plan and opportunity to live independently in the community.

A recently awarded rapid re-housing grant is helping ensure that Joseph's Home and EDEN can continue to collaborate. "We will be working one on one with the men at Joseph's Home to locate housing and provide temporary rental assistance," said Jennifer. "The goal is for them to get back on their feet in a place they can call their own."

Joseph’s Home is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System.

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