May 3, 2016

Prayer for today

The following prayer is offered from the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine.


For the gift of PRAYERFULNESS
That depends on God’s power and raises hands high
In prayer. 

For the gift of GENTLENESS
To stand in deep respect of the uniqueness of every person.

For the gift of ENCOURAGEMENT
To never be afraid of others’ gifts and affirm them with a ​word of praise.

For the gift of HOSPITALITY
To welcome each stranger as a child of God we have yet to ​meet. 

For the gift of FAITHFULNESS
To live the Gospel as Jesus preached it plainly and simply.

For the gift of SENSITIVITY
To empty myself and serve the needs of others and ​gently wash their hands with words of understanding.

For the gift of HONESTY
To see things as they really are, to see especially the things ​I do not want to see.

For the gift of PATIENCE
​To wait for the fullness of God’s Kingdom coming to birth
in myself and others.

For the gift of KINDNESS
To extend the care and concern to others that Christ ​constantly extends to us.

For the gift of UNSELFISHNESS
To let go of things that do not matter and work for the ​healing of injustice.

For the gift of DEDICATION
To stand sure and convinced of the need to stay with those ​who cry out to be served. 

For the gift of ENTHUSIASM
To begin each day with the joy and unfolding that each new ​day promises.

For the gift of GENEROSITY
To recognize my gifts and claim them as mine to give away. 

For the gift of MERCY
To live the compassion and forgiveness asked of me by Pope ​Francis.

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