December 10, 2015

Healthy Learners spotlights positive outcomes and personal stories

Healthy Learners is devoted to removing children's health barriers to learning with love and compassion, which is evident in the number of children it serves and the personal stories those children and their families have to tell.

The latest issue of the Healthy Insights from Healthy Learners newsletter highlights the numbers behind the services Healthy Learners provided in the 2014-2015 school year—which included 4,671 vision, dental, medication and other health-related services, while traveling more than 97,000 miles to provide access to health care for 1,481 children in five program areas across the state.

The newsletter also features a story about one child who had trouble focusing in school until he received a new pair of glasses, as well as updates for the five Healthy Learners across South Carolina and an article about the support one local community is providing. Read the complete newsletter here.

Healthy Learners is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System.

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