October 8, 2015

Catholic Community Connection launches new website

Catholic Community Connection (www.catholiccommunityconnection.org), an organization dedicated to fostering collaboration among Catholic sponsored education, health care, human services and senior living ministries in the Diocese of Cleveland, launched its newly redesigned website today. The new site offers a clean design, robust content and represents the new direction Catholic Community Connection (CCC) has taken over the past year in an effort to further its collaborative work and fulfill its strategic goals.

One of its strategic goals is to create access and awareness about the services it offers as well as the services of its partner organizations. The website’s content demonstrates CCC and its partner’s efforts to generate ideas, incubate initiatives and create successful and sustainable projects dedicated to enhancing Catholic services in the Diocese of Cleveland.

The newly redesigned website offers quick and easy access to news and events, providing a virtual hub for Catholic organizations throughout the Diocese of Cleveland. The blog section highlights stories of collaboration and ongoing initiatives between CCC and its partners. The group purchasing page offers more information about how Catholic organizations can save money through their purchasing efforts and how to sign up. These features provide an online forum for information to be readily accessible so that better connections can be made across organizations. Links to Facebook and Twitter allow visitors to follow and retrieve the latest content from CCC and its partner organizations. 

The Sisters of Charity Health System provides shared sponsorship for Catholic Community Connection with Catholic Charities in collaboration with Catholic senior living, education and social services.

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