August 27, 2015

Healthy Learners hosts community meeting

Healthy Learners hosted a community meeting August 26 in Georgetown, South Carolina, to share with community members, service providers and supporters the impact the program has had and continues to have in the area and across the state. The meeting provided attendees an opportunity to offer new insights and solutions to funding challenges and service delivery, with a goal of increasing contributions and commitments to the continuation of the program.

John Heydel, chair of the Healthy Learners Board of Trustees, opened the meeting saying, “Today is all about the health and well being of our children, our future.” 

Board treasurer Rich Williams reported the current operating budget for the Georgetown program as $200,484 and said there is still a need for the program in the Georgetown community to provide access to health care for school children. “We know that our program is mission driven, cost effective and does not duplicate the services offered by any other nonprofit organization,” he said.

Tracey Flowers, parent of a Healthy Learners child, provided a testimonial about the importance of Healthy Learners to her family and expressed her appreciation for the program. She talked about the need for access to health care and how the coordination of services for her child was necessary because of her family’s current circumstances.

The executive director of the Tidelands Health Foundation, Jessica Sasser, shared why the foundation supports the Healthy Learners Georgetown program. “We see the value of the program and recognize the costs savings to the community when children have their health care needs met by utilizing the correct health care provider as opposed to the emergency room,” she said. “The program is a benefit to the children it serves and the Georgetown Community as a whole.”

Laura Tucker, Georgetown County School District lead school nurse, reported on the numbers behind the Georgetown program since it began in 2008. She said the program has provided 1,062 children with access to 6,033 health care services, more than 135,748 miles have been traveled transporting children to and from health care appointments, picking up and delivering their medications and glasses, and following up as necessary, while a total of 13,192 hours have been spent delivering the services to the children. “For every $1 invested by Healthy Learners Georgetown, there is a return on investment of $4.38,” added Tucker.

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Healthy Learners is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System.

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