February 2, 2015

Sisters of Charity Health System supports focus on healthier Ohioans in proposed budget

The Sisters of Charity Health System has long believed that health care is a fundamental right for all people, and that families and communities are stronger when everyone has access to quality, affordable health care. That is why we applaud Ohio Gov. John Kasich and his administration for proposing continued funding to provide health care coverage to some of our most vulnerable Ohioans. His last biennial budget in 2013 made it possible for more than 451,000 Ohioans to receive access to the care they need.

Across the nation, studies have shown that making health coverage available to vulnerable populations demonstrably improves health care outcomes and financial security for beneficiaries compared to being uninsured. Having insurance makes a difference for individuals and families, and these benefits are shared by the business community through a strong, healthy workforce. In fact, newly enrolled Ohioans are primarily the working poor in our communities with roughly 70 percent holding at least one full-time worker in their household. It also brings significant resources into the state by returning billions of Ohio taxpayer dollars back to Ohio through Medicaid, which results in increased economic activity across the state.

In the end, it’s about all Ohioans having the ability to access a regular source of health care, so they can get preventive services to be healthy and stay healthy and productive, and ensure no one has to delay or forego needed care when they are sick.

Insured Ohioans are healthier and more productive Ohioans, and that is an investment in Ohio’s future.


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