December 13, 2014

South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families program graduates fathers to be better dads

A Father's Place, which is part of a network of fatherhood programs reaching across South Carolina that is supported and coordinated by the South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families, recently held a graduation ceremony for nearly two-dozen fathers who completed its nine-month training program.

A Father’s Place offers education and services uniquely tailored for fathers trying to rebuild their lives and their families to overcome the barriers to being a responsible and involved father.

South Carolina’s News Channel 15 reported on the graduation ceremony. As seen on the television station’s website,

Helping fathers become better dads

One local group is training fathers to recognize and reach their full potential as parents and members of the community.

On Friday night, A Father's Place held a special graduation ceremony for around two-dozen of its participants who have completed the group's training program.

"I never thought I would accomplish anything until now, and it kind of makes me feel really good about myself," said Aaron Hufford, a graduate.

The program, which is free of charge, provides an array of support services that cater to the parent's individualized needs.

Many of the program's participants have the goal to become a better parent.

"I came in wanting to learn how to be a productive member of society. Wanted to learn how to be a better father and to be a part of my daughter's life," said Nicholas Bryant, a graduate of the program. They also help women with their parenting skills.

The important parental lessons carry over to their children, because children tend to suffer when they don't have a strong father figure.

Researchers at Columbia University found that children who have a poor relationship with their father are 68% more likely to smoke, drink, or use drugs.

Many of those who graduated from the program say they plan to become mentors in the program. They want to share their stories with others in hopes of helping other parents reach their full potential.


The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System.

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