July 2, 2014

Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina establishes Immigrant Families Initiative

The Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina recently launched its Immigrant Families Initiative to help enhance individual and family well-being for South Carolina’s growing immigrant population. The initiative will focus on grant making; forming strategic partnerships to support organizations that lift immigrant families out of poverty; and supporting efforts to build inclusive, welcoming environments for immigrants and their children as they integrate into South Carolina.

“The foundation is pleased to announce this initiative in response to the growing need of immigrant families across the state of South Carolina,” said Tom Keith, president, Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina.

As part of the Immigrant Families Initiative, the foundation announced it awarded six grants totaling $112,041 to nonprofit organizations addressing the root causes of poverty in South Carolina’s immigrant or foreign-born populations. The grant recipients are:

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Of Greater Columbia –($10,000) A pilot program offering one-on-one mentoring to Hispanic children of immigrants at Arden Elementary School in Richland School District One. (Richland)
  • Charleston County School District—($8,850) A program to improve information dissemination to immigrant families about college and career options for immigrant students in the Charleston County school district. (Charleston)
  • PASOs Programs—($40,000) Expansion of the Puentes leadership program to empower additional grassroots Latino leaders to educate their peers and build capacity of health and social service providers to respond to maternal/child health and early education needs of the Latino population. (Charleston, Saluda, Newberry, South Carolina)
  • South Carolina Appleseed Legal Justice Center—($10,000) A “Hold Onto Your Dream” campaign to help DREAMer and DACA immigrant youth in South Carolina to draw attention to the need for immigration reform and tuition equity laws. (South Carolina)
  • Student Action with Farmworkers—($34,000) Supporting Into the Fields/Hacia Los Campos program interns to provide outreach to more than 750 farm workers in rural South Carolina during the summer of 2014. (South Carolina)
  • University of South Carolina - College of Social Work—($9,191) Linking organizations serving immigrants throughout the state through a series of state and regional networking meetings through the Immigrant Access Project. (South Carolina)

South Carolina ranks second in the nation in immigrant growth, with immigrants representing nearly 5 percent of the state’s total population. Research shows that immigrants make multiple contributions to the state’s economy, sharing business, leadership, education, labor and other skills. However, a large number of immigrants and children of immigrants experience poverty across South Carolina. The new initiative is rooted in the foundation’s mission and core values of compassion and courage, recognizing the value of welcoming and embracing newcomers who strengthen the state’s communities.

The Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System.


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