May 5, 2014

24-hour online giving event May 6 to benefit South Carolina nonprofits

The Central Carolina Community Foundation is presenting the first regional day of giving in the Midlands of South Carolina Tuesday, May 6 with its 24-hour giving challenge, Midlands Gives

Midlands Gives is designed to raise money and awareness of 150 Midlands nonprofit groups, including three ministries of the Sisters of Charity Health System: Healthy Learners, Providence Hospitals and the South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families. The goal is to help nonprofits attract new donors and build online fundraising capabilities to support long-term success.

All donations to participating nonprofits Tuesday, May 6 will be magnified with nearly $90,000 bonus matching funds from generous sponsors.

The day is part of the national Give Local America that encourages people to make gifts to support vital causes in their communities. The effort is a celebration of the centennial anniversary of community foundations nationwide and promotes and encourages local philanthropy.

“Giving Days are becoming widely popular around the country as they are spurred by engaged communities and social media,” said JoAnn Turnquist, president and chief executive officer of Central Carolina Community Foundation. “They provide an opportunity for anyone to become a philanthropist with an online donation.”

Visit Tuesday, May 6 from midnight to 11:59 p.m. and then scroll through the list of organizations to select Healthy Learners, Providence Hospitals and/or the South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families to receive a donation and have it magnified. Donations can be made to multiple organizations with a minimum contribution of $20. 

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