May 2, 2014

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center among four Ohio hospitals to receive state money to expand services

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center will receive $500,000 from the state of Ohio to expand geriatric psychiatry services. This is among numerous projects and services that will receive a recently announced total of $2.4 billion in capital improvements approved by the Ohio legislature.

The $500,000 in funding for St. Vincent Charity Medical Center will be used for a planned expansion of psychiatric services to include a separate unit dedicated to geriatric psychiatry. St. Vincent Charity is one of only two hospitals in Ohio with a psychiatric emergency department, and its services have recently been stressed for capacity. Three years ago, the unit typically had 10 patients at any given time. Today, that number is closer to 40.

A recent community health needs assessment showed a need for more psychiatric services for the elderly population, and an environment that is more conducive to treating those patients.

“Gerospychiatry is unique care,” said David F. Perse, M.D. president and CEO of St. Vincent Charity Medical Center. “We don’t want individuals co-located with potentially violent or aggressive individuals.”

A space for the new unit has already been identified, with a total cost of $1.5 million to bring the space up to state requirements. The unit is expected to be open by the fall.

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System.

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