March 17, 2014

Three additional Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood schools named investment schools

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District has added 10 more schools to its list of “investment schools,” including three schools in the Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood. The 10 new schools join 13 other Cleveland schools that receive intensive help to turn around their academic results. The schools will see a mix of more class time, new principals, new teachers, retrained teachers and special attention to the weakest areas of the school and the greatest needs of its students.

With the additions, all three elementary schools in the Promise Neighborhood are now getting additional help and resources. Marion-Sterling, George Washington Carver STEM and East Technical High School join Benesch Elementary School, which was named one of the original 13 investment schools in 2013.

The Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland, which is the lead Promise Neighborhood partner, will be working closely with school district and building staff to ensure academic success for the students, while bridging the gap of resources of the community and partners to support this opportunity for students and families.

Partners and parents are invited and encouraged to come to one of the upcoming district investment school meetings.

The Cleveland Central Neighborhood Promise initiative is a transformative program that wraps children in Cleveland’s Central neighborhood in high-quality, coordinated health, social, community and educational support from the cradle to college and career.

As part of the effort to connect services to students at investment schools, representatives from the Promise Neighborhood initiative joined panelists from Cincinnati and Washington, D.C., March 12 at The City Club of Cleveland to discuss the challenges and opportunities for Cleveland as the school district increases its own “wraparound” efforts.

The Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System.

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