November 21, 2013

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center presents “New Knee, New Life” to Northeast Ohio and beyond

Throughout the past several weeks, The Plain Dealer and have been working with St. Vincent Charity Medical Center on the series “New Knee, New Life.” The stories followed one patient’s journey through knee replacement surgery and recovery. 

The series began October 25 on with an introduction to the patient, John Favaloro, and his journey to get a knee replacement with Dr. Lou Keppler, co-director of the Spine and Orthopedic Institute at St. Vincent Charity.

After a number of preliminary stories, the surgery took place November 19, and -- for the first time in Northeast Ohio -- participants were able to watch and interact via live video stream, Twitter and Instagram with the St. Vincent Charity Medical Center surgical team as they performed the total knee replacement.

Through social media accounts and comments on the live stream, interested viewers were able to ask questions and see exactly happened during the procedure. Live tweets were sent by’s official Twitter account (@clevelanddotcom) and live stream video was available on the home page of Tweets, photos and short videos were posted on St. Vincent Charity’s Twitter (@StVincentCMC) and Instagram (@StVincentCharity) accounts. Countless Northeast Ohioans and beyond followed the conversation by using the hashtag #StVKnee.

An abundance of footage and information is available about the “New Knee, New Life” series, which has been compiled below.

New Knee, New Life: John Favaloro stands, walks for first time on his new knee (video)

New Knee, New Life: Knee replacement surgery complete, road to recovery begins 

New Knee, New Life: Patient hopes others learn from experience

New Knee, New Life: Watch video of knee replacement surgery

New Knee, New Life: Live video of knee replacement surgery tomorrow

New Knee, New Life: John Favaloro, and his family, ready for knee replacement (VIDEO)

New Knee, New Life: Total knee replacement surgery more common, patients younger (VIDEO)

New Knee, New Life: John Favaloro prepares for knee replacement surgery, return to active life (VIDEO)



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