October 22, 2013

Sisters of Charity Health System applauds Controlling Board approval of Medicaid extension

The Sisters of Charity Health System applauds Ohio Governor John Kasich and the Controlling Board for yesterday's decision to approve the release of federal funds for Medicaid extension in Ohio.

This decision extends Medicaid to more than 275,000 uninsured Ohioans (including more than 26,000 veterans and 50,000 Ohioans with unmet behavioral health needs), who will gain access to health care coverage on January 1, 2014.

The Sisters of Charity Health System, which continues its ongoing commitment to protecting human dignity by increasing health access, believes that families and communities are stronger when everyone has access to quality, affordable health care.  

Studies have shown that Medicaid coverage improves health care outcomes and a person's ability to return to work, compared to being uninsured. The decision to extend health coverage to lower income Ohioans will help enable a healthy workforce and support a thriving economy for the state. 

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