September 25, 2013

Joseph’s Home helps residents keep their cool with new air conditioning

For Joseph’s Home residents, summer sunshine and heat often meant uncomfortable, even dangerous, conditions inside their rooms. Over the course of a month during July and August, a contractor installed necessary electrical upgrades before cooling units were installed in the walls of each room. Their installation required cutting holes through exterior walls for each unit. On August 5, the units began cooling resident rooms, giving Joseph’s Home a more comfortable, healthier environment for rest and recovery.

For years, the residents, staff and board of Joseph’s Home longed for the day when all resident rooms and common areas would have air conditioning. On too many summer days, the temperature inside rooms would create an unnecessary challenge for residents who need rest and reduced stress to heal. On a typical 80-degree summer day, the temperature in second-floor resident rooms could quickly reach 90 degrees and above, and remain that hot well into the evening.

“We placed thermometers in our second-floor rooms and found that even on days where the temperature isn’t much higher than 80 degrees, the temperature in the rooms is 10 to 12 degrees warmer than the outside temperature for a significant portion of the day,” said Joseph’s Home Executive Director Georgette Jackson.

Thanks to generous funding support from The Elisabeth Severance Prentiss Foundation, The Higley Fund, a supporting organization of the Cleveland Foundation, and The Nord Family Foundation, the dream of comfortable inside temperatures became a reality.

This article appeared in the latest edition of the Joseph’s Journey newsletter. Click here to read the complete newsletter for additional news, stories of lives being healed and transformed, alumni updates, and more. Joseph’s Home is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System.

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