September 16, 2013

Community leaders in South Carolina show support for Healthy Learners Dillon

McLeod Medical Center in Dillon, South Carolina, hosted a community meeting August 28 to gain new support and renew commitments to the continuation of the Healthy Learners Dillon program.

Dillon Mayor Todd Davis offered his support through a welcome message and Matt Shaffer, chair, Healthy Learners Board of Trustees, shared additional information about the purpose of the meeting. Attending the meeting were representatives from all areas of the community, including the school district, school nurses and principals, banks and community members. South Carolina State Senator Kent M. Williams and State Representative Jackie E. "Coach" Hayes also attended.

Debbie Locklair, McLeod Medical Center administrator, discussed the importance of the Healthy Learners program from her perspective as a hospital administrator. As a member of the Healthy Learners Board of Trustees, Locklair represents the Dillon program at the state level of Healthy Learners.

Perdue Farms presented a check for $7,500 to Healthy Learners Dillon from a grant funded by the Arthur W. Perdue Foundation.

Since being established in 2005, Healthy Learners Dillon has provided 754 children with access to 3,484 health care services. More than 65,328 miles have been traveled to meet the unmet health needs of these children.

Healthy Learners is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System.

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