July 9, 2013

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center provides advanced wound care in renovated wound center

Wound care has become a growing issue over the past decade across a wide spectrum of specialties, including podiatry, infectious disease, general surgery and plastic surgery. To meet growing demand for wound care, St. Vincent Charity Medical Center recently renovated and expanded the Wound Center at St. Vincent Charity, including adding new state-of-art hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers.

Chronic wounds are difficult to treat and require expensive applications to heal. Most primary care physicians do not have the equipment, or the time in the office to treat complex or chronic wounds. How¬ever, treatment is essential since the untreated wound, particu¬larly in the legs or feet, can lead to amputation.

The Wound Center at St. Vincent Charity, located on the ground floor within the outpatient Health Care Center, is re¬sponsible for the treatment of recurring and advanced wounds, often caused by diabetes and other chronic medical conditions, trauma or surgery, radiation therapy, medication, ulcerated varicose veins and pressure sores.

Lewis Hinson was referred to St. Vincent Charity after developing a severe diabetic ulcer on his foot. Hinson’s original health care provider told him that his foot would need to be amputated. Knowing that amputation is a serious, life-chang¬ing procedure, Hinson refused repeatedly. He knew there had to be another way to heal this wound.

“After months of rehabilitation at another hospital and being told I would need to amputate my foot, I turned to St. Vincent Charity and was given an alternative, life-changing solution,” said Hinson. “Dr. Perse was able to do surgery and provide me with wound treatment that saved my foot.”

Along with the renovated space that allows for private treat¬ment rooms in a comfortable setting, the wound center added three new hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers. The larger size allows the accommodation of larger patients, while also providing a more comfortable experience for the all patients.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment delivers 100 percent oxygen to the body, encouraging the development of new capillaries that transfer blood and oxygen to damaged tissues. This promotes advanced wound healing and improved infection control. In addition, treatment within the chamber constricts blood vessels, reducing swelling in patients suffering from severe burns and crush injuries.

The therapy chambers are also used in emergency situations, such as severe smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning. Having access to these chambers in an emergency is extremely vital and often life-saving. St. Vincent Charity is the only facility in Northeast Ohio that offers 24/7 emergency access to the hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers.

Leading an experienced team of caregivers in the wound center is Dr. Emad Elbadaway. Recently appointed medical director of the Wound Center at St. Vincent Charity, Dr. El¬badaway is no stranger to the practice of hyperbaric medicine.

He has served as the medical director of wound care at three other medical facilities in the Cleveland area and is well known as an expert in the field. He is an independent physi¬cian, board-certified in Internal Medicine and Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine.

To learn more about the latest medical advances at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center, read the new issue of Caritas, the hospital’s quarterly newsletter.

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System.

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