February 25, 2013

SPARK Races to Expand

As reported in the winter 2013 edition of the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Canton newsletter:

As part of its Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge Grant competition, the U. S. Department of Education awarded a grant of almost $70 million to the State of Ohio, to improve programs serving high-need young children and to carefully measure the results of these programs.

In its grant application, the state proposed that by 2015, it would increase access to high-quality early learning experiences for more than 37,000 children and improve kindergarten readiness test results by five percent. The goal is to ensure that high-need children are academically, physically, and socio-emotionally ready for kindergarten.

Among other things, the state is seeking to increase the number of high-need children with access to high-quality early learning and development programming, and to help educators improve their credentials, knowledge and skills. To that end, the state has allocated $1.1 million from the grant award to expand SPARK Ohio programming and the Ready Schools model into three high-need rural Ohio communities from 2013 through December 2015.

This funding will allow 300 additional four-year-old children to get ready for kindergarten by participating in SPARK.

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