December 13, 2012

Sisters of Charity Health System encourages lawmakers to avoid cuts to Medicare and Medicaid

The Sisters of Charity Health System believes that health care is a fundamental right for all Americans and that families and communities are stronger when everyone has access to quality, affordable health care.  Since 1965, Medicare and Medicaid have provided access to essential medical services for those in need, including senior citizens, disabled persons, and low-income children and families throughout the country. 

Today, Medicare and Medicaid are being targeted as opportunities to cut spending to lessen the fiscal challenges facing the country.  If these federal programs are cut by the drastic measures discussed by Congress and the Administration, hospitals would be severely impacted.  Many hospitals are already operating at razor-thin margins and will be forced to lay off medical personnel or reduce access to care in order to make ends meet.

Hospitals, including Sisters of Charity hospitals, provide high-quality, compassionate care to those in our community and already face significant reimbursement reductions. The health system urges lawmakers to support Cleveland’s St. Vincent Charity Medical Center, Westlake’s St. John Medical Center and Canton’s Mercy Medical Center in Ohio and Columbia’s Providence Hospitals in South Carolina, and its nearly 8,000 employees, and oppose any further cuts.

To get involved, let your voice be heard by your Congressional representatives.

Take action at our advocacy page.


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