November 26, 2012

Plain Dealer series on education features two Sisters of Charity Foundations’ efforts

Plain Dealer Columnist Margaret Bernstein recently focused much attention on innovative programs and individuals that are getting parents more engaged in children’s education in northeast Ohio. Her five-part series spotlighting this topic included coverage of the Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood, which is led by the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland. “Promise Neighborhoods” are vibrant, thriving neighborhoods where children are ready for school and go to effective schools and have strong systems of family and community support that will prepare them to attain an excellent education, graduate from high school and go on to college or a career. 

Margaret’s series also covers the SPARK initiative (Supporting Partnerships to Assure Ready Kids) in Ohio, which was established and is replicated by Sisters of Charity Foundation of Canton. This kindergarten readiness program, which is rapidly spreading throughout Ohio, works with preschool-age children and their families to help prepare them for school.

Read about these and more programs and individuals that are getting parents more engaged in children’s education in the following stories:

Part 1: Tutoring, other programs put mom and dad on education team

Part 2: Parental involvement in education leads to successful students, stronger schools

Part 3: Parent programs and incentives should go hand-in-hand, to stabilize fragmented families

Part 4: Volunteer group's support of parents at Warner Girls Academy is model for schools

Part 5: A Cleveland school where parent engagement work is slowly taking hold


Also, in response to Margaret’s series, WCPN’s the Sound of Ideas program conducted a Getting Parents Involved in Schooling roundtable, which included Sonya Pryor-Jones from the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland.

  •  Margaret Bernstein, columnist, The Plain Dealer
  • Lucille Short, Cleveland resident
  • Victor Ruiz, executive director, Esperanza Inc.
  • Sonya Pryor-Jones, director, Promise Initiative, Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland
  • Robert Paponetti, executive director, Literacy Cooperative

 Listen to the podcast here:

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