December 1, 2011

Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina President interviewed for The Sector Connector

In celebration of 15 years in philanthropy, Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina President Tom Keith was recently interviewed for The Sector Connector, a podcast that features conversations with leaders committed to bridging societal gaps and bringing organizations and industry together for the greater good.

Throughout the interview, Tom shared information about the foundation's service to the community, highlighting the 15 years of success and how the foundation works daily to address the needs of the poor and underserved in South Carolina. Tom addressed specific foundation initiatives including the Carolina Academy for Nonprofits and the newly created Leadership in Diversity award.  He also spoke about the faith sector and the need for the faith community.  He discussed how there are higher expectations being placed on faith-based organizations now than ever before.  In many communities the churches are the focal point and are being called upon to do things outside of the sanctuary.  Faith-based communities are one of the greatest, untapped resources in moving forward. 

When asked how he has kept the fire going over the past 15 years, Tom stated, "Every day brings a new challenge and a new opportunity. In the past fifteen years, I have been a great student of philanthropy and the nonprofit sector, willing to learn and change to improve what the foundation does if it will ultimately have a greater outcome in our community."

To hear the podcast, please visit BlogTalkRadio.

The Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System.

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