December 31, 2012

Prayer for today

We finish 2012 with a prayer written for Advent,
but appropriate to finish the year
and prepare for the new year...

The Winter Journey of Advent
in this time of darkness,
we choose to look toward the Light.
In this time when so many suffer,
we choose faith, not despair:
we choose the work of compassionate justice.
As we move through Advent together,
hungry for transformation, for hope,
our steps themselves
transform us, nourish us.
We are on constant pilgrimage,
moving to the heart of things,
reaching beyond what any one of us
can reach alone.
The brightness of the Incarnation
guides us as we continue,
with the promise of the Prince of Peace
as the bright star in these dark nights.


(by Jane Deren, from Education for Justice)

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