July 20, 2009

Mercy Medical Center gets ink-and recognition-for wellness program

From today's Akron Beacon Journal:

"Mercy Medical Center in Canton also has been promoting walking groups, on-site exercise classes and weight-loss programs, more healthful options in the cafeteria, an annual health fair, disease management programs and other initiatives for healthy lifestyles, Chief Operating Officer Jeff Smith said.

The hospital hired a full-time health and wellness manager two years ago to coordinate the efforts.

Within the next two months, the hospital also will be offering an on-site fitness center on the main campus for 2,500 employees to use free.

Both Mercy Medical Center and Hattie Larlham were recognized this year with a Healthy Worksite Award by the Ohio Department of Health for their wellness efforts.

Employers benefit when employees are healthier, Smith said.

''But I think employees, when they see you're willing to make the commitment and encourage them, it makes for a happier workplace, and they'll stay,'' he added."

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